I Tested FaZe Rug’s Diamonds & THEY WERE FAKE...

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  1. log0310


    16 timer siden

    I went to that game

  2. Isaiah Valdez

    Isaiah Valdez

    11 dager siden

    Suns lost

  3. Itsjustme


    12 dager siden

    Oh my gosh, denis lost so much weight! Props to him

  4. Finka Subatic

    Finka Subatic

    14 dager siden

    I Miseed Denis So Much!!!

  5. Dilrabo Gadomamadova

    Dilrabo Gadomamadova

    18 dager siden

    bro where is the og 2017 Dennis plus the og Brawadis

  6. Spa Splash

    Spa Splash

    19 dager siden

    Click bake cringe

  7. Lynx


    24 dager siden

    6:00 lmaoooo

  8. Jason John Cruz

    Jason John Cruz

    29 dager siden

    Dennis back in the video's 😀

  9. Jamie Ashton

    Jamie Ashton

    Måned siden

    Very funny 😁

  10. Catherine Vignola

    Catherine Vignola

    Måned siden

    im a denver fan cause i play for michael porter's aau team

  11. brandon Stevenson

    brandon Stevenson

    Måned siden

    Bro Brandon looks the best he’s ever been

  12. David Kim

    David Kim

    Måned siden

    You’re not supposed to press it. You’re supposed to lightly touch the diamond. If u press too hard, it’s gonna go red. U can literally press hard on a fake diamond, and it will become red



    Måned siden

    do u know whats ride on

  14. 05 IX B Daksh Agarwal

    05 IX B Daksh Agarwal

    Måned siden

  15. Medusa Oz

    Medusa Oz

    Måned siden


  16. Lil Kayden

    Lil Kayden

    Måned siden

    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Philippians 4 13

  17. Adrian Wilson

    Adrian Wilson

    Måned siden


  18. Adrian Wilson

    Adrian Wilson

    Måned siden

    That a huh and a noh

  19. The king 23

    The king 23

    Måned siden

    3:15 can someone translate what papa rug and Dennis’s dad were talking about?😂

  20. lil Pecan01

    lil Pecan01

    Måned siden

    I was staring into Brawadis eyes 😶‍🌫️

  21. bliccy


    Måned siden

    They should of took the batteries out

  22. Family Home

    Family Home

    Måned siden

    Suns in 4

  23. Elijah Hernandez

    Elijah Hernandez

    Måned siden

    Everyone clicks out for the ten seconds

  24. Luis Gonzalez

    Luis Gonzalez

    Måned siden

    Those people would rather see the Lakers win then the suns tbh lmao.

  25. Luis Gonzalez

    Luis Gonzalez

    Måned siden

    Bro this is lit. I remember when I was drunk and I was also this happy.

  26. lok diver

    lok diver

    Måned siden


  27. Unknown Nba

    Unknown Nba

    Måned siden

    that’s a fake diamond tester

  28. Genesis Garcia

    Genesis Garcia

    Måned siden

    Brawadis ur hair so long

  29. Demian Zarate

    Demian Zarate

    Måned siden

    Where is diala

  30. Cheyenne Marie

    Cheyenne Marie

    Måned siden

    I can tell the difference between real and fake jewelry if it’s fake I’ll have an allergic reaction 😭

  31. Alex C

    Alex C

    Måned siden

    Dude the suns my guy 😳

  32. the beast

    the beast

    Måned siden

    But yet the lakers always go to the playoffs

  33. Alex Payan

    Alex Payan

    Måned siden

    He said “the clippers next round” 😂😂😂 Bro Jazz taking it

  34. Cool DogYT

    Cool DogYT

    Måned siden

    No there not lol😹😹😹😹

  35. Iam_ babyash

    Iam_ babyash

    Måned siden

    Dennis dad is hellaa litt yoo...papa rug was happy😌

  36. Iam_ babyash

    Iam_ babyash

    Måned siden

    Yalll started the party Dennis dad will end it 🤣

  37. Iam_ babyash

    Iam_ babyash

    Måned siden

    Dennis is litt😌

  38. Iam_ babyash

    Iam_ babyash

    Måned siden

    Innocent dads wild kids😂

  39. Chino Villarruel

    Chino Villarruel

    Måned siden

    It’s all about the Nets🗣 sheesh👏🏼

    • Chino Villarruel

      Chino Villarruel

      Måned siden

      But the suns they doing good ain’t gonna lie💯👌🏽

  40. Famous Clout

    Famous Clout

    Måned siden

    Faze rug better then you at basketball

  41. A


    Måned siden

    @6:02 "If only Faze Rug was here, you would've won 10,000 dollars" 🤣🤣

  42. HuSk626


    Måned siden

    Suns Gunna Play The Jazz NOT THE FLIPPERS trust n thats gunna be the BEST PLAYOFF SERIES to watch this year idk whose gunna win that one doh gunna b a BATTLE forsure

  43. El Toro Rex

    El Toro Rex

    Måned siden

    Yo why does dennis lowkey look like me unidentified twins ?

  44. Andy Alejandre

    Andy Alejandre

    Måned siden

    All your faces🤣🤣

  45. C11


    Måned siden

    Bro y’all parents together are crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

  46. Wavyy Dannyy

    Wavyy Dannyy

    Måned siden

    Noah was faded af😂

  47. ashleey


    Måned siden

    You think that’s yelling ? You should be around Hispanic parents more often . Now that’s yelling .😭

  48. Alex Tutaj

    Alex Tutaj

    Måned siden

    Nah suns is 4

  49. Martha Gaer

    Martha Gaer

    Måned siden

    Oh shush my Blondie will win lol

  50. Dreamnotfound


    Måned siden

    Yo denises dad is a savage 🤣

  51. Max Cannava

    Max Cannava

    Måned siden

    When the nuggets and the suns are your two favorite teams... I’m being tortured

  52. Marina


    Måned siden

    Ohhh gyrosss mmmm💖 greek vibesss γυροοοοο

  53. Jomiloju


    Måned siden

    Brawadis needs to up his intro doesn’t even greet the fans

  54. Alfonso Castillo

    Alfonso Castillo

    Måned siden

    brawadis is a gold digger he is poor thas way because he says more long more money

  55. Landen Gallahar

    Landen Gallahar

    Måned siden

    Jazz will be the suns biggest test. Clippers may not win this round

  56. Sceptic Yoshi

    Sceptic Yoshi

    Måned siden

    Yooooooo chai is how I say tea in my language too btw I'm south sudanese

  57. Desiree Neel

    Desiree Neel

    Måned siden

    I'm a Denver fan

  58. Desiree Neel

    Desiree Neel

    Måned siden

    Denver woooooo

  59. isaiah young

    isaiah young

    Måned siden

    nuggets are going to win. ( also I am from Denver Colorado)

  60. Bowlin Spector

    Bowlin Spector

    Måned siden

    Can we have a creepy video

  61. Daniel Castaneda

    Daniel Castaneda

    Måned siden

    Nuggets in 7 😏

  62. Dakota Walser

    Dakota Walser

    Måned siden

    Eveyone hating on the jazz like they dont even mention them 😂

  63. Kevin Magana

    Kevin Magana

    Måned siden

    What’s so wrong about going to Cancun

  64. R ramos

    R ramos

    Måned siden


  65. Jo C

    Jo C

    Måned siden

    There wild doing all that drinking

  66. Fuat Mondal

    Fuat Mondal

    Måned siden

    Suns not going to beat the Nets on the finals

  67. Kev Too Saucy

    Kev Too Saucy

    Måned siden

    Brooklyn all the way in 5🤝

  68. Kev Too Saucy

    Kev Too Saucy

    Måned siden

    you guys should’ve took the battery out when you tested his diamonds😂

  69. Ed Agrusti

    Ed Agrusti

    Måned siden

    Faze rug when phoenix win the championship u need to make him do the zip line cause your mom said he would not do if pigs fly then he said he would do it when phoenix win a championship

  70. Ed Agrusti

    Ed Agrusti

    Måned siden

    Yo what's the name of dennis restaurant

  71. BearDown 4Ever

    BearDown 4Ever

    Måned siden

    Lol I speak the language they speak, and I’m pretty sure Dennis’s dad was asking Papa Rug to move to Arizona lol😂😂

  72. B1k C

    B1k C

    Måned siden

    Brandon - *freaks out* why did we do that?! Noah - *casually* because the Suns won bro

  73. B1k C

    B1k C

    Måned siden

    If only Faze Rug was here, he’s give you $10,000

  74. Kareem Hemdat

    Kareem Hemdat

    Måned siden

    Brandon do we have some brooms they going to meet the lakers in kankoon and also the jazz and the nets

  75. Myenta Bartlett

    Myenta Bartlett

    Måned siden


  76. Maddie Jones

    Maddie Jones

    Måned siden


  77. Amandeep Singh

    Amandeep Singh

    Måned siden


  78. mack5661 mack5661

    mack5661 mack5661

    Måned siden

    I liked the Brian said "if I was you I would be flying out of my seat" lol

  79. YoBoy BeastMode

    YoBoy BeastMode

    Måned siden

    We're coming back and beating the Suns all out to d book

  80. Damian Martinez

    Damian Martinez

    Måned siden

    I am in az

  81. Damian Martinez

    Damian Martinez

    Måned siden

    I am az

  82. M_MONEY 25

    M_MONEY 25

    Måned siden

    Ye like this if......... my phone died

    • M_MONEY 25

      M_MONEY 25

      Måned siden

      And I forgot

  83. NineO


    Måned siden

    Every time he starts watching basketball I have to exit the video cuz my parents gonna think I’m special

  84. El Gino

    El Gino

    Måned siden

    When clippers beat the Utah jazz suns boutta be crying

  85. Jennifer


    Måned siden

    Not me watching this late and getting a notification that he uploaded 🥲

  86. Aparajit Kannan

    Aparajit Kannan

    Måned siden

    Nah bro Indian parents talk loud asf as well

  87. Mustaf Mohamed

    Mustaf Mohamed

    Måned siden

    I’m a nuggets fan we’re down 2-0 we made two comebacks last season

  88. Kylie


    Måned siden

    I love the the two dads and Dennis and B together, so fun!

  89. Ya Mamas Boyfriend

    Ya Mamas Boyfriend

    Måned siden

    the thumbnail says there real😂

  90. Evan Anderson

    Evan Anderson

    Måned siden

    I love brawdis but I live in Denver so let’s go nuggets

  91. Alex Nava

    Alex Nava

    Måned siden

    I love the love that’s family 💯

  92. Hunter Rosenberger

    Hunter Rosenberger

    Måned siden

    Nets taking it home my boi

  93. Zero Two

    Zero Two

    Måned siden

    Dang as a Denver fan that’s tough

  94. XxchrisXx 7935

    XxchrisXx 7935

    Måned siden

    It’s good to see Denis and his dad is just one of a kind

  95. cheek god Playz

    cheek god Playz

    Måned siden

    I just lose my earrings

  96. Prabhav Kurl

    Prabhav Kurl

    Måned siden

    4.06 did he say chai????omg...indians alert



    Måned siden

    The diamond detector was not a professional one it beep with the command

  98. Donkey


    Måned siden

    suns in 4

  99. L1LBreez_YT


    Måned siden

    This guy is the shitties yter

  100. Victoria’s Life

    Victoria’s Life

    Måned siden

    We love Dennis !!!!!!