i’m not a suns fan anymore.

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  1. dave rapien

    dave rapien

    9 timer siden

    Made my day

  2. Mik


    19 timer siden

    Brawdis is the best bro HAHHAHAHHAH

  3. i ChyChyN3ata

    i ChyChyN3ata

    Dag siden

    They had us in the first half ngl

  4. Linc_Fortnite


    Dag siden

    Brawadis strawberry fl fyp (me :/

  5. Tabitha Jester

    Tabitha Jester

    2 dager siden

    I knew he would never change on the suns he is an amazing fan to them

  6. AJA_Gaming


    2 dager siden

    u idiot u scared the shit out of me

  7. AJA_Gaming


    2 dager siden

    bro im moving to san Diego

  8. Ashton O’Reilly

    Ashton O’Reilly

    2 dager siden

    The beginning I was fucking surprised

  9. Tom Ivezaj

    Tom Ivezaj

    3 dager siden

    Brandon says picking jays clothes and sais am I going to get rabies from touching Lakers that didn't end well

  10. Eduardo Espino

    Eduardo Espino

    3 dager siden

    Those are not real Mexican tacos the real ones are the street ones

  11. jesus manzo

    jesus manzo

    3 dager siden

    Go lakers

  12. Ruby Stell

    Ruby Stell

    3 dager siden

    Me: Brandon Put the title for Clout... Brandon: I was just joking! LMAO!!

  13. Ruby Stell

    Ruby Stell

    3 dager siden

    Brandon: "Taco Bell Is Real Mexican Food" Me: Bruh, Real Mexican Food is like Tamales, Chili Verde, Spanish Rice, Elotes, and Chorizo!

  14. Resse Gonzalez

    Resse Gonzalez

    7 dager siden

    Strawberry funnel for you page

  15. Piece ctrl Fire That's me

    Piece ctrl Fire That's me

    8 dager siden

    It’s my birth day:)

  16. Isaiah Valdez

    Isaiah Valdez

    8 dager siden

    Suns lost

  17. Tyler Traore

    Tyler Traore

    8 dager siden

    Bull shit

  18. Ogie Hernández

    Ogie Hernández

    9 dager siden

    New from the start that this was cap bro

  19. Mr hamster

    Mr hamster

    9 dager siden


  20. Mr hamster

    Mr hamster

    9 dager siden

    Yay he is not at the sun team anymore he likes the Lakers team now yay

  21. Fernando Cornejo

    Fernando Cornejo

    10 dager siden

    Don't you ever say Taco Bell is Mexican food

  22. BABY KniGHt

    BABY KniGHt

    10 dager siden

    Nasty ass Taco Bell 🤢 🤮🤮🤮 them Mexicans love anything with the name taco in it 😂

  23. SuperSlothyBros S

    SuperSlothyBros S

    11 dager siden

    Suns suck they lost the nba finals

    • SuperSlothyBros S

      SuperSlothyBros S

      11 dager siden

      Let’s go bucks

  24. Adrian Nolasco

    Adrian Nolasco

    11 dager siden

    Now you really should say that you ain’t a SUN fan anymore lol 😂

  25. Coolclutch86


    11 dager siden

    Ayo stop the cap

  26. Simon g

    Simon g

    11 dager siden

    Phoenix stinks, go bucks, bucks in six, 2021 nba champions

  27. Jashae Currington

    Jashae Currington

    11 dager siden

    You’re a bandwagon

  28. Second Power

    Second Power

    11 dager siden

    here take this king....hold it.... L

  29. ethan syms

    ethan syms

    11 dager siden

    Sun's lost

  30. Isaiah Valdez

    Isaiah Valdez

    11 dager siden

    Suns lost

  31. Emerson Martinez

    Emerson Martinez

    12 dager siden

    Yo Brandon ngl my guy the caption is funny bruh lol 😂

  32. Emerson Martinez

    Emerson Martinez

    12 dager siden

    Yo Brandon great 😊 video keep up the good hard work keep grindin love ❤️ your videos/content sm

  33. Manu Manu

    Manu Manu

    12 dager siden

    Go suns

  34. Solix


    12 dager siden

    Try actually mexican food it’s really good

  35. Manuel Berumen

    Manuel Berumen

    13 dager siden

    wpSWXVD Is no.

  36. JJs in your House

    JJs in your House

    13 dager siden

    Bucks in 6 😈 suns ain’t winning nothing

  37. SyDnEy Studios

    SyDnEy Studios

    13 dager siden

    I hope this is a joke

  38. Rishi the king 424 King

    Rishi the king 424 King

    13 dager siden


  39. Rishi the king 424 King

    Rishi the king 424 King

    13 dager siden

    The sonsAre the best and I go for sons

  40. FumeSC


    13 dager siden

    Jay is just mask fishing you can tell

  41. elizaabethhh


    13 dager siden

    taco bell is not authentic mexican food 🙄🙄🙄🤦‍♀️

  42. Konohamaru Naruto king

    Konohamaru Naruto king

    14 dager siden

    Bless that homeless guy and everyone in the vid

  43. Konohamaru Naruto king

    Konohamaru Naruto king

    14 dager siden

    Nice prank lol

  44. Cole’s Productions

    Cole’s Productions

    14 dager siden

    why did you even do this vid ngl....

  45. James Palermo

    James Palermo

    14 dager siden

    Why does j have a mask on let alone in the car man stop the mask

  46. Shannon Castillo

    Shannon Castillo

    14 dager siden

    Never ever ever believed your video title!! Go Suns!!!! You’ve been the number one Suns fan all your life. I live the Suns also. I live in Az but also lived in phx for ten yrs when I was younger. Go Suns go Book

  47. Samuel Garcia

    Samuel Garcia

    15 dager siden

    He actually got me when he said he wasn't a suns fan anymore but respect to you Brandon for staying with the same team for a long time

  48. Flip 360

    Flip 360

    16 dager siden


  49. Marco Hernandez

    Marco Hernandez

    16 dager siden


  50. Marco Hernandez

    Marco Hernandez

    16 dager siden


  51. It is nessa time Period

    It is nessa time Period

    17 dager siden

    “For you page”😂😂😂😂

  52. miroslav feri

    miroslav feri

    17 dager siden


  53. Laker Gang

    Laker Gang

    17 dager siden

    Suns lost today let’s gooo got bucks

  54. Michael Lovelace

    Michael Lovelace

    17 dager siden

    Bro he went through soo much TV's because of the sun's but Brawadis kept on supporting the sun's that's a real fan 💯💯💯

  55. ItzGarnet


    18 dager siden

    nobody talkin bout 7:04??

  56. Sasuke kun

    Sasuke kun

    18 dager siden

    Isnt noone going to say hiw he said fyp for frappe

  57. mandoisthecoolestdad


    18 dager siden

    When he drank coffee he sounded like boss nass 🤣🤣🤣

  58. Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez

    18 dager siden

    Nobody fell for that

  59. Mikayla Schaffer

    Mikayla Schaffer

    19 dager siden

    No Brandon. We didn’t believe it. I stared at my screen like this dude is lying. I went to my boyfriend and was like “Brandon’s on here lying about not liking the suns anymore. 🙄🙄” 🤣🤣🤣

  60. Lilz Random

    Lilz Random

    19 dager siden

    I almost threw up looking at the thumbnail

  61. Luca Pietrantoni

    Luca Pietrantoni

    19 dager siden

    New it

  62. Gjon Nikprelevic

    Gjon Nikprelevic

    19 dager siden

    Take that face diaper off JR ! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  63. Kaiff Rehman

    Kaiff Rehman

    19 dager siden

    Yoo who wants Brandon to go back to the old haire

  64. Aiden Hurley

    Aiden Hurley

    19 dager siden

    If the suns win jackie and Brandon have to get back together

  65. Roberto Rodriguez

    Roberto Rodriguez

    19 dager siden

    Did you lose a bet

  66. Jesser is goat

    Jesser is goat

    20 dager siden


  67. Blade Beatz

    Blade Beatz

    20 dager siden

    Go! Phoenix suns you shouldn't changed your team, so glad you didn't change

  68. Blade Beatz

    Blade Beatz

    20 dager siden

    " my views are droping so i have to try and bring back old trends" lmao

  69. Remah Abouali

    Remah Abouali

    20 dager siden

    I was so happy when Brandon was joking

  70. Pc_ Zxxy

    Pc_ Zxxy

    20 dager siden

    Right when i saw the video tittle i was like CAAPPP CAPPPPP. Brandon would never do that like i know u well bro cant get me 😂

  71. Shakie 42

    Shakie 42

    20 dager siden

    What does it mean when they say suns in 4 or any number? I don’t watch basketball. Pls let me know

  72. Mikala Dominguez

    Mikala Dominguez

    20 dager siden

    yeppp youve been a a suns fan longer then i have been alive im bored 2010

  73. Call of Duty Tips

    Call of Duty Tips

    21 dag siden


  74. DonKraKen1


    21 dag siden

    Been a Suns fan my whole life!! Waited 28 years for this moment!! Going on almost 40 years a Suns fan! Nobody cant tell me nothing! Pre-Charles Barkley!!

  75. idealDRG


    21 dag siden

    The day u broke that tv 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 never gets old

  76. Jose Salinas

    Jose Salinas

    21 dag siden

    I thought u were going to say u were going to move to Phoenix Arizona

  77. Kelly Whitworth

    Kelly Whitworth

    21 dag siden


  78. Dantekainuku Kainuku1212

    Dantekainuku Kainuku1212

    21 dag siden

    Yall really thought after breaking all those tv remotes he gonna switch, up the SUNZ we winning finals first win title since 1985.

  79. Emmanuel Minguela

    Emmanuel Minguela

    21 dag siden

    Wtf is my guy wearing a mask for

  80. jennifer


    21 dag siden


  81. Daniel Gebremichael

    Daniel Gebremichael

    21 dag siden

    Roses are red violets are blue I got click baited so did u

  82. Zappa Gaga

    Zappa Gaga

    21 dag siden

    Why is man wearing a mask

  83. IXBadSpxrtXI


    21 dag siden

    I just watched a 10 min add for u 😂 it was painful 😂🤪

  84. brandon11.2


    22 dager siden

    Brandon u gotta remember whenever ur fav team succeeds people gonna call u a bandwagon in a hawks fan and people were calling me a bandwagon cause of how far we made it in the playoffs

  85. EX ZeN

    EX ZeN

    22 dager siden


  86. Z1


    22 dager siden


  87. Lit Gaming

    Lit Gaming

    22 dager siden

    Lol I knew he was faking about that

  88. BBYIcedout


    22 dager siden

    Fool said “For you page” 😭

  89. Andrew Magadagela

    Andrew Magadagela

    22 dager siden

    Me unsubscribe

  90. Ana Hernandez

    Ana Hernandez

    22 dager siden

    Bro said Mexican food that American food lol 😂🤣

  91. Ian Hammond

    Ian Hammond

    22 dager siden

    Suns in 4

  92. steven Roman

    steven Roman

    22 dager siden

    17:00 I'm done laughing 😂

  93. Juan Zilla

    Juan Zilla

    22 dager siden

    3:25 i felt offended

  94. Jazmine


    22 dager siden

    Not for a second did I believe that you would ever stop liking the suns

  95. Jeannie Booker

    Jeannie Booker

    22 dager siden

    Jesus loves yall spread the gospel

  96. Trilok Thadani

    Trilok Thadani

    22 dager siden

    I like how he quote on quote said i am a "SUNS FAN" while he is siting in his bedroom with a Lakers photo in the background.

  97. Sheldon Froes

    Sheldon Froes

    22 dager siden

    What was the main reason you chose to support the Suns?