i’m being sued.

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  1. OT Pumpz

    OT Pumpz

    4 dager siden

    @5:14 Booker be eating da slide

  2. Chhaiku Tamang

    Chhaiku Tamang

    8 dager siden

    When is Snickercon Game Bro

  3. Isaiah Valdez

    Isaiah Valdez

    11 dager siden

    Suns lost

  4. Kaylin Naidoo

    Kaylin Naidoo

    13 dager siden

    whats wrong with you wasting dops

  5. Mr_ToeHead


    18 dager siden

    2:49 anybody else see papa rug with a vape

  6. Hectic habib

    Hectic habib

    18 dager siden

    2:50 papa rug hid the puff bar real quick hahaha

  7. RA ATL

    RA ATL

    18 dager siden

    Papa rug got it right!

  8. Jamie Ashton

    Jamie Ashton

    19 dager siden


  9. Cookie Monster

    Cookie Monster

    20 dager siden

    Brawadis: Generally he cannot sue you if you are in a public place, you can also blur out the persons face to ensure he is not in the vid at his request; call an attorney and get an opinion. You can also counter sue that sore looser "Karen" if you win in court to recoup court costs and attorney fees which I am 99% sure you win if it goes there. Congrats on winning the game.

  10. Erick Baker

    Erick Baker

    20 dager siden

    Just blurr him out

  11. Daniel Cruz

    Daniel Cruz

    21 dag siden

    I can’t tell if he is mad or sad

  12. User 1

    User 1

    21 dag siden

    You’re commercializing other peoples’ lives. Just do the right thing and blur out people who don’t want to be on your video.

  13. Poorvi Chopra

    Poorvi Chopra

    24 dager siden

    If Brandon could marry devin booker, he would lol

  14. Chayse Hansen

    Chayse Hansen

    25 dager siden


  15. Chayse Hansen

    Chayse Hansen

    25 dager siden

    Just blurt his face

  16. La Tah

    La Tah

    25 dager siden

    His side chick came to the game and he didn’t want wifey to see 🤫🤭😂😂

  17. Kristi Ballard

    Kristi Ballard

    26 dager siden

    papa rug got it dead on "SUNS IN SIX"

  18. LD_Sideway


    26 dager siden

    Who else is here when papa rug was right in the 6 for the suns

  19. Michael Henninger

    Michael Henninger

    26 dager siden

    good, your channels dogshit anymore

  20. tfg 1

    tfg 1

    27 dager siden

    R.I.P That money ayyyy

  21. Lito Lito

    Lito Lito

    28 dager siden

    Why don’t you post the video and blur him out or cut the parts he’s in?

  22. ben Hickmott

    ben Hickmott

    29 dager siden


  23. Eduardo Rojas

    Eduardo Rojas

    29 dager siden


  24. Roni Smith

    Roni Smith

    Måned siden

    Brandon stop being hypocritical.

  25. prici sierra

    prici sierra

    Måned siden

    lmao they cant sue thats ur 1st amendment

  26. Abby Kaehl3r

    Abby Kaehl3r

    Måned siden

    Mam, right now, they already won 4

  27. upcoming reseller and restore

    upcoming reseller and restore

    Måned siden

    Papa rug call suns in 6

  28. Beast Noobs

    Beast Noobs

    Måned siden

    Sound like a male Karen🤦‍♂️

  29. Fardya Hossain

    Fardya Hossain

    Måned siden

    4:50-4:52, he like a little kid🤣🤣😂(no hate)

  30. Alex Heredia

    Alex Heredia

    Måned siden

    Why didn’t you blur his face out

  31. NagaHumanbeing ZooOfParticles

    NagaHumanbeing ZooOfParticles

    Måned siden

    bro post the video, just blur him out. i know he'll be angry af and he won't be able to sue you alsi3

  32. romeo rivas

    romeo rivas

    Måned siden


  33. Just Eddie

    Just Eddie

    Måned siden


  34. Shreyas Juloori

    Shreyas Juloori

    Måned siden

    Imagine Brandon’s reaction at the end of game 2 as a suns fan mine was crazy

  35. coronell6619


    Måned siden

    Bro just blur his face

  36. Sonia


    Måned siden

    Hi lollll

  37. Matthew Holman

    Matthew Holman

    Måned siden

    Wait until the suns lose in the NBA finals with all the talking 🤣

  38. Nazim Ghanny

    Nazim Ghanny

    Måned siden

    They are talking about warzone in the end of the vid 😂😂

  39. Marco Polo

    Marco Polo

    Måned siden

    Nobody can say Brawadis is hopping on the Suns bandwagon, this man has been supporting this team for years now. Even when they were the worst team in the league at one point

  40. Aad6n Garrett

    Aad6n Garrett

    Måned siden

    4:49 when my dad used to off my cartoons

  41. Mason Jaeger

    Mason Jaeger

    Måned siden

    The last time we were in it was 36 years ago but the last time we won them was 39 years ago

  42. Mason Jaeger

    Mason Jaeger

    Måned siden

    I can say the same with the bucks even though I’m young I still have never seen them in the finals only in the conference finals and my prediction is bucks vs suns, bucks in 7

    • Mason Jaeger

      Mason Jaeger

      Måned siden

      No hate

  43. Gypsy Princess🖤

    Gypsy Princess🖤

    Måned siden

    Why don’t you watch my video before judging

  44. Shane Nepz

    Shane Nepz

    Måned siden

    He looks good on his hands and knees...

  45. Eternal Life

    Eternal Life

    Måned siden

    I feel like he is dragging it because he is acting like it was a 1v1 and he was the only one there but he head a whole team and they did not complain when they lost so take it like a champ like your rest of your team did and don’t whine about it. And I would only come disrespectful to the person if they look like they don’t care about the situation but Brandon cares so there was really no reason to do all that.

  46. West Dezr

    West Dezr

    Måned siden

    Merch ?

  47. Nick Dadras

    Nick Dadras

    Måned siden

    If I was brawadis I would post the video with his face blurred out to piss him off he would not have a reason to sue if his face isn’t even showing

  48. Zochhuanawma Zote

    Zochhuanawma Zote

    Måned siden

    In his late 50's the last time sun's make the final in 93 to this day..

  49. Arsh Gupta

    Arsh Gupta

    Måned siden

    you could have sked him that you could blur him

  50. Rob ill

    Rob ill

    Måned siden


  51. Gilberto Garcia

    Gilberto Garcia

    Måned siden

    Sun in 6 if Kawhi doesn’t play

  52. Zurifi


    Måned siden


  53. S N

    S N

    Måned siden

    That burp at 3:40 tho haha

  54. S N

    S N

    Måned siden

    “These two eyes in between this big ass nose” 👃👁👁👃

  55. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez

    Måned siden

    lol they talkin about warzone nd he said dats how yk u aye rookie dat shii was funny

  56. Matt Wolf

    Matt Wolf

    Måned siden

    I hate people that do stuff like this to Brandon thats so dumb I'm sorry you had to go through that

  57. cen soredd

    cen soredd

    Måned siden

    5:13 What happened to the slippers? Booker got sneaky. 😆😆

  58. spradar


    Måned siden


  59. Electrifying Destroyer

    Electrifying Destroyer

    Måned siden

    Lol if u blurred out the crazy dudes face then he would have an extremely hard time suing you 😂

  60. Electrifying Destroyer

    Electrifying Destroyer

    Måned siden

    Bro he’s reacting like this over a 1-0 lead…if the Suns get eliminated in the finals he’s breaking something 10000%

  61. Electrifying Destroyer

    Electrifying Destroyer

    Måned siden

    Get help :)

  62. Elias Damgaard

    Elias Damgaard

    Måned siden

    Bro 2:52 how’s Brian there?

  63. Gaige White 05

    Gaige White 05

    Måned siden

    Post it and blur his face

  64. L0rìk Baba

    L0rìk Baba

    Måned siden

    Just stop overreacting

  65. Derrick MucheriG3

    Derrick MucheriG3

    Måned siden

    BRANDON executive

  66. Din Puškar

    Din Puškar

    Måned siden

    We ain't gonna talk about booker stealing brawadis flip flop lol🤣🤣

  67. JASlMINE


    Måned siden

    the greatest lawyer is Leslie Abramson like chill... 🙀

  68. Gaurav Nigote

    Gaurav Nigote

    Måned siden

    That guy just told brandon to not to post content.. Brandon made content of that.. LOL

  69. Elimz Scufx

    Elimz Scufx

    Måned siden


  70. Donald Duarte

    Donald Duarte

    Måned siden


  71. Ayzonus


    Måned siden

    Title: im getting sued Reality: im gonna name my vid im getting sued to get more views and add revenu LET'S GOOO

  72. George's_production


    Måned siden

    release the brawadis cut

  73. LA fortnite club

    LA fortnite club

    Måned siden

    bro your vids are so boring now

  74. Don’t Know

    Don’t Know

    Måned siden

    Lol I’m getting sued not even close to getting sued. Got in a fight with a hater he shows an argument with a guy lol your videos are trash

  75. Andy Alejandre

    Andy Alejandre

    Måned siden

    Could’ve blurred his face lol

  76. Cory M

    Cory M

    Måned siden

    8:40 for the video

  77. Roberto J

    Roberto J

    Måned siden

    Bro you 25 and acting like this smh🤦

  78. The Trickshooting Kids

    The Trickshooting Kids

    Måned siden

    You could have just blurred his face…

  79. Justin Najar

    Justin Najar

    Måned siden

    They won’t make it 😂

  80. Agustin Garcia

    Agustin Garcia

    Måned siden

    Two things one it was so funny when you were losing your voice 🤣🤣🤣and two you could’ve edit him out .🤯🤬🤬

  81. Ricardo Perez

    Ricardo Perez

    Måned siden

    I’m so happy for you bro!

  82. Arian Perez

    Arian Perez

    Måned siden

    I’m sorry but like he is to much 😂😂

  83. Kris Cyr

    Kris Cyr

    Måned siden

    Suns in 5

  84. Rïngulie Rutsa

    Rïngulie Rutsa

    Måned siden

    I love watching ur reactions Brandon lol hahahhahah! Ur enjoying a lot 😍🤣😆

  85. rgranillo


    Måned siden

    Should of just blurred his face lol

  86. BladeBoy5


    Måned siden

    Suns all day baby

  87. Armina Farinam

    Armina Farinam

    Måned siden

  88. Isabella Gallegos

    Isabella Gallegos

    Måned siden


  89. xCloutzx


    Måned siden

    Bro stop screaming like damn tf



    Måned siden

    Go sunsssss !!!!!!

  91. Suvir Keswani

    Suvir Keswani

    Måned siden

    Warning: laker might get Damian Lillard plz read did comment

    • Suvir Keswani

      Suvir Keswani

      Måned siden

      And also u act like a child when watching a suns game

  92. Skull Gamer

    Skull Gamer

    Måned siden

    the video i wanted to watch after this was right after

  93. Brandon Calderón

    Brandon Calderón

    Måned siden

    If randy ortin needee a replacement brawadis would be a good one just put a suns game

  94. Darran Stephens

    Darran Stephens

    Måned siden

    Blur him and put it up. Headache avoided.

  95. Fayisaa Hordofaa

    Fayisaa Hordofaa

    Måned siden

    The hoc burn superfamily exist because professor micrencephaly mug worth a natural eel. terrible, unarmed fender

  96. ovo jdm

    ovo jdm

    Måned siden

    Brawadis on CRACK

  97. KINGBOO 209

    KINGBOO 209

    Måned siden

    Lmao they were talking about warzone

  98. Fog31


    Måned siden

    “Grau from Despicable Me”

  99. Dubs IG

    Dubs IG

    Måned siden

    Let’s play lmao where y’all at

  100. IShoot2ManyGreenz


    Måned siden

    He was mad his team got smashed by 30 points but you should’ve just blurred out his face 😹