FLIRTING with my Best Friend’s GIRLFRIEND for 24 Hours! **Awkward**


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  1. freddy Garcia

    freddy Garcia

    4 dager siden

    What's all that cash on the table?

  2. Baseball 2325

    Baseball 2325

    4 dager siden

    Anthony be lookin thick 8:37

  3. 匚卂尺ㄥㄖ丂ツ


    18 dager siden

    Is just me or does Brandon always put 30 minutes later

  4. Eww Oppp

    Eww Oppp

    25 dager siden

    He hit

  5. Eww Oppp

    Eww Oppp

    25 dager siden

    Looking at the camera the whole time

  6. Eww Oppp

    Eww Oppp

    25 dager siden

    Anthony would be single if his family didn’t have money

  7. Sequssuna Lange

    Sequssuna Lange

    Måned siden

    Anthony says im not an animal he is an animal on🍺

  8. His Blood

    His Blood

    Måned siden

    i admire you guys, you always seem like your having fun and enjoying life

  9. Itz_DJOchoa


    Måned siden

    Yah leave leslie alone... man lol she's loyal Af 😇

  10. Yanal Matouk

    Yanal Matouk

    Måned siden

    Brandon’s been hanging out with adin too much he’s acting more sus than him 😂

  11. Nico Nico

    Nico Nico

    Måned siden

    Brandon and Anthony is the best duo🤣

  12. FindPablo


    Måned siden

    AYOO sus ! Nigga kissed em & then said spank me 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Ninjastar22222


    Måned siden

    These videos boring asf now he just does the same shit over and over almost all probably fake too

  14. L͜͡xR・CEO


    Måned siden

    When Anthony finds out Leslie got a of:🤡

  15. ReaperYT


    Måned siden

    He changed the title it used to be flerting with my brother girlfriend

  16. Kai Mallon

    Kai Mallon

    Måned siden

    9:42 anyone know where i can get that?

  17. german shepherd

    german shepherd

    Måned siden

    I think Brandon never kissed his ex on or off camera that’s why they broke up and I think he likes boys

  18. Bianca Morales

    Bianca Morales

    Måned siden

    Let’s just act like we didn’t see that sign at Anthony’s apt 👩🏽‍🦯👩🏽‍🦯

  19. Tydrauis Morris

    Tydrauis Morris

    Måned siden

    That basketball game was good

  20. fake faze

    fake faze

    Måned siden


  21. Ruba Osman

    Ruba Osman

    Måned siden

    Its not a brawadis video without a clip of basketball in it lol

  22. Jamie Ashton

    Jamie Ashton

    Måned siden

    Ha ha ha 😂😂😂 this was hilarious

  23. Rawan Rimawi

    Rawan Rimawi

    Måned siden

    4:15 Anthony “no she hates me “ LMAOO

  24. Jorge Nieto

    Jorge Nieto

    Måned siden

    You are super cute girl

  25. Trevin davis

    Trevin davis

    Måned siden

    I love when Brandon is SUS it’s hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  26. Bkbandz


    Måned siden

    Did Brandon start hanging out with adin 😂

  27. Bkbandz


    Måned siden

    Ayooo 😂

  28. Sleep


    Måned siden

    The sus jokes are not funny

  29. Ryan O’dea

    Ryan O’dea

    Måned siden

    Brandon turning into Adin Ross🤣🤣🤣

  30. Jr Motmus

    Jr Motmus

    2 måneder siden

    8:50 “She’s just being a 6ic9ine snitch” Im deaddd🤣🤣🤣

  31. Ethan Wilcox

    Ethan Wilcox

    2 måneder siden

    We is all know Brandon does Fr think she is bomb ashhh😭😂

  32. KingBoyK


    2 måneder siden

    Who else just miss Denis 🥺😞

  33. Josh


    2 måneder siden

    15:12 lowkey looked out of bounce 😭

  34. Isabel Diaz

    Isabel Diaz

    2 måneder siden

    Anthony did not have to reach like that it’s not the end of the world over a kiss he almost cut off his lips

  35. Vee


    2 måneder siden

    my turn for a besitooo!

  36. Poleth Chavez

    Poleth Chavez

    2 måneder siden

    BRANDON FINALLY ACCOMPLISHED IT!! CONGRATULATIONS IM SO PROUD (lmao love the way he trolls) 😂🤣 around 10:21 I think-

  37. Rudy Estrada

    Rudy Estrada

    2 måneder siden

    Brawadis is such a natural 😂 Dudes in his element when flirting 💀

  38. Monique Ortiz

    Monique Ortiz

    2 måneder siden

    Brandon makes my day 10 times better with his jokes

  39. Diesel V

    Diesel V

    2 måneder siden

    Brawdis you needa collab w adin fr

  40. Imran Rashid

    Imran Rashid

    2 måneder siden

    brandon and ali are like lets show em how its done and they get all the shots

  41. Aspirelol -

    Aspirelol -

    2 måneder siden

    So no one is gunna talk about the bread on the table when they r talking about eating

  42. Saad Sarwar

    Saad Sarwar

    2 måneder siden

    She wears her makeup inside house at night. Not fake at all

  43. Rxcklezz WRLD

    Rxcklezz WRLD

    2 måneder siden

    I wished my cousin would kiss me

  44. David Hinojosa

    David Hinojosa

    2 måneder siden

    Bro you’re gay

  45. lil_zuko


    2 måneder siden

    this makes me cringe cuz its weird to see

  46. Christina Protic

    Christina Protic

    2 måneder siden

    I love your videos😄🏀💜🧡💜🧡

  47. Nolimitderrick


    2 måneder siden

    Damn it’s funny cause everything Brandon said is 100% true

  48. Rumen Yattor

    Rumen Yattor

    2 måneder siden

    12.32 Paul is a hooper hooper

  49. Rumen Yattor

    Rumen Yattor

    2 måneder siden

    Brandon and Adin Ross are 4Lifers. Dude really kissed his cousin 🥵

  50. Pyro Tron

    Pyro Tron

    2 måneder siden

    Me and my cousins kiss all the time, it's fine

  51. Emily Ratcliff

    Emily Ratcliff

    2 måneder siden

    Leslie is beautiful

  52. Emily Ratcliff

    Emily Ratcliff

    2 måneder siden

    That's how Brandon eats by Anthony burping in his mouth 😅🤣

  53. Ggg Angjie

    Ggg Angjie

    2 måneder siden

    Her yelling for Anthony 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  54. Jibril Abdulkadir

    Jibril Abdulkadir

    2 måneder siden

    Brandon got bangers lately

  55. Warfiplier Vlogs

    Warfiplier Vlogs

    2 måneder siden

    0:48 this part makes laugh so bad 🤣

  56. Mohammad Farooqi

    Mohammad Farooqi

    2 måneder siden

    Brandon you’re actually gay

  57. Leonardo Ortiz

    Leonardo Ortiz

    2 måneder siden

    It’s the ima cut off a layer for me

  58. Rose Wood 0121

    Rose Wood 0121

    2 måneder siden

    At 10:20 oml Brandon 😂 u had me dying! Anthony’s reaction was soooooooo funny this brightened up my bad day

  59. Juan Avelar

    Juan Avelar

    2 måneder siden

    Kiss adin Ross

  60. Loc Orda

    Loc Orda

    2 måneder siden

    Ok Brandon now that’s gay kissing on the mouth

  61. #free Palestine 🇵🇸. #pray for Palestine💜

    #free Palestine 🇵🇸. #pray for Palestine💜

    2 måneder siden


  62. Shriya Raina

    Shriya Raina

    2 måneder siden

    Worthless content anything for content so bad 😡 both you brothers tp with girls atleast learn something from your parents

  63. Luis Ayala

    Luis Ayala

    2 måneder siden

    Shes being a 69 snitch !! 😂 😂 good one!!

  64. Luis Ochoa

    Luis Ochoa

    2 måneder siden

    Videos get more and more fake



    2 måneder siden


  66. Randy Gramajo

    Randy Gramajo

    2 måneder siden

    what about dalia

  67. Kavin Rivera

    Kavin Rivera

    2 måneder siden

    First time brawadis got Anthony

  68. Angel


    2 måneder siden

    It feels like Brandon do be some having feeling tho ✔️

  69. Armina Farinam

    Armina Farinam

    2 måneder siden

  70. Tyler Robinson

    Tyler Robinson

    2 måneder siden

    Bro this dude acting hella sus ima start calling him Brandon Ross 😂 no hate tho

  71. Jennifer Rancier

    Jennifer Rancier

    2 måneder siden

    ''shes being a 69 snisht" i cant spell lol

  72. Louis Gilles

    Louis Gilles

    2 måneder siden

    wow Brandon went from kissing girls in the lips to kissing guys in the lips AYO

  73. Morpha


    2 måneder siden

    Prank maeeee😂

  74. Mia Lopez

    Mia Lopez

    2 måneder siden

    Brandon kissed his cousin 💅🏼

  75. Ezequiel Amaya

    Ezequiel Amaya

    2 måneder siden

    69 snitch lol 🤣🤣

  76. Aryan Ragunnaath

    Aryan Ragunnaath

    2 måneder siden

    Yoooooo Brandon be acting sus lately... Just saying

  77. Life Gaming

    Life Gaming

    2 måneder siden

    This is hella cap Leslie wouldn’t have said nothing to Brandon if Anthony really wasn’t there 😂

  78. Antonio Ceja

    Antonio Ceja

    2 måneder siden

    10:20 little sus

  79. Sarthak FTW

    Sarthak FTW

    2 måneder siden

    Adin Ross changing everyone smh 😂



    2 måneder siden

    Like garantido Brasil 🇧🇷



    2 måneder siden

    Parabéns pelo trabalho Felicidades Like garantido Brasil 🇧🇷

  82. Vlonewifiz


    2 måneder siden

    That’s gay

  83. Jessica Mendoza

    Jessica Mendoza

    2 måneder siden

    Brandon is sus ngl a little too sus uh

  84. Carlos Meza

    Carlos Meza

    2 måneder siden

    Brandon has to be going broke, 6 ads in the first 4 minutes, like damn, I had to buy NOnet just to skip over the ads

  85. Perez _25

    Perez _25

    2 måneder siden

    Is this the new Aiden

  86. BluKinG💙💪🏾


    2 måneder siden

    Nice video Brandon 💯🔥🔥🔥

  87. Jexxmeko


    2 måneder siden

    anthony being angry is 💯 valid



    2 måneder siden

    Adin changed you 😂

  89. Nilox 990

    Nilox 990

    2 måneder siden

    Stop being gay why u kissing him in da mouth

  90. Thaafier van der Schyff

    Thaafier van der Schyff

    2 måneder siden

    Brandon the 🐐

  91. Thaafier van der Schyff

    Thaafier van der Schyff

    2 måneder siden

    Lol Brandon saying hes rusty and then hitting every shot

  92. Infinite TFI

    Infinite TFI

    2 måneder siden


  93. Jes5443


    2 måneder siden

    Damn man Brandon turned into James Charles for a second or I am the only one that had this thought lol (jk)

  94. la Flame

    la Flame

    2 måneder siden

    What’s up with this dude and girlfriends 🤣more than half his vids about ex’s and girlfriends 😂dude mad sus and creepy

    • la Flame

      la Flame

      Måned siden

      @KONTAINE! go to his NOnet channel , scroll down to his vids and most of them are about “ ex , girlfriends, girl , broke up , date “ 😂so clearly the dude cares about “gf”



      Måned siden

      how is he mad sus and creepy? mans literally does not give af bout girls like that bruh, if he did he would easily have a gf rn, just from the fact hes rich and has clout, but nah, crazy how mfs be so soft nowadays bro go outside and touch some grass

    • Ninjastar22222


      Måned siden

      That’s why I unsubscribed

  95. Junior Tul

    Junior Tul

    2 måneder siden


  96. Brian Zavala

    Brian Zavala

    2 måneder siden

    You guys should prank her again like if you guys were about to fight over something and see how she reacts

  97. Magic X1

    Magic X1

    2 måneder siden

    7:42 she shouted in lowercase

  98. HxtedBarbie


    2 måneder siden

    he really kissed him on lips 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  99. HxtedBarbie


    2 måneder siden

    this was a bangerr as always lmaooaoaoa

  100. HxtedBarbie


    2 måneder siden

    10:19 hahahahahaah you finally did ittt lmaooooo i love yalls friendship