Brawadis VS Lil Baby Basketball 1v1!! *Challenging Him*


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  1. Ralph Tate

    Ralph Tate

    3 timer siden

    rice is an actual hopper bro he’s actually really good

  2. Ralph Tate

    Ralph Tate

    3 timer siden

    i’m so so so happy and excited to have the la fitness vlogs back. i’ve never been there and i live in the uk but i literally feel like i know it so well and i actually love it

  3. Zein Helaly

    Zein Helaly

    20 timer siden


  4. 501King


    5 dager siden


  5. Faze fan

    Faze fan

    6 dager siden


  6. Matthew Rodriguez

    Matthew Rodriguez

    7 dager siden

    Rice gym is still Cold 🥶

  7. andre gleave

    andre gleave

    8 dager siden

    you click baiter wheres lil baby at

  8. Damir Selimovic

    Damir Selimovic

    9 dager siden

    Rice is bad

  9. Hargunn Bhullar

    Hargunn Bhullar

    10 dager siden

    Brandon said let me cook after he burned himself

  10. Emerson Martinez

    Emerson Martinez

    11 dager siden

    Yo Brandon we need that 1v1 against lil baby the 🐐

  11. Mikey Chugs

    Mikey Chugs

    13 dager siden

    2 hour drive is far away ?

  12. noemy aldana

    noemy aldana

    13 dager siden

    Imagine while we was drinking the tea in the jug he comes in and see's Brandon drinking the tea.. R.I.P X_X 😓🤣

  13. blackmamba


    14 dager siden


  14. XxBrightMinionxX YT

    XxBrightMinionxX YT

    15 dager siden

    1:01 thief....

  15. SimplyD


    16 dager siden

    Do Jay a make over... get him a trainer .. he is a good looking kid but just an idea for a video

  16. Eclipse


    17 dager siden

    Lil Baby Vs Brandon Everyone knows Brandon got this in the back 😤🔥

  17. Tiger TheGod

    Tiger TheGod

    18 dager siden

    Time wasted

  18. Mya Garcia

    Mya Garcia

    18 dager siden

    dude in to sotc shirt seems like a dirty player

  19. Jordan Hanes

    Jordan Hanes

    19 dager siden

    14:34 lmfao

  20. Jamie Ashton

    Jamie Ashton

    21 dag siden

    Very cool 😎

  21. Beastvon09


    22 dager siden


  22. Basketball pro

    Basketball pro

    22 dager siden

    Ewwww mustard makes me feel like 🤮

  23. Farhiya Mohamed

    Farhiya Mohamed

    22 dager siden


  24. Chase Zoma

    Chase Zoma

    23 dager siden

    I like when jjjjjjjjjjjjj is in the vids

  25. Yasirshah Syed

    Yasirshah Syed

    24 dager siden

    Tenzi why are you so doki

  26. Anjali Kanojia Katiyar

    Anjali Kanojia Katiyar

    24 dager siden

    that part when he said "tryna steal my mask huh i got you brian" was epic😂😂

  27. Prodigy Fc

    Prodigy Fc

    24 dager siden

    Bruh I got scammed no gzm3

  28. Prodigy Fc

    Prodigy Fc

    24 dager siden


  29. Prodigy Fc

    Prodigy Fc

    24 dager siden

    The most interesting part of the v8d was the add

  30. Prodigy Fc

    Prodigy Fc

    24 dager siden

    I used to be a fan ion like him anymore.. I'm here for lilbaby and I'm out

  31. ItZChris999


    25 dager siden

    Put junior in for more vlogs

  32. Tucker degraaf

    Tucker degraaf

    27 dager siden


  33. hexitc


    27 dager siden


  34. Pyro Duelist

    Pyro Duelist

    27 dager siden

    I have size 12 feet and Yes they call me Big Foot

  35. SSG CHUBBA メ


    28 dager siden

    Welcome to the cap store 🧢

  36. Desiree Franklin

    Desiree Franklin

    28 dager siden

    Click bate if you dont see him 1v1 him in this video like this comment

  37. Jacob Lorge

    Jacob Lorge

    28 dager siden

    good duo with rice

  38. Wavy Official

    Wavy Official

    28 dager siden

    Rice gum is good sheeesh

  39. Kg Kappa

    Kg Kappa

    28 dager siden

    Mustard nasty asl

  40. Wyaalejandro


    29 dager siden

    So this video had nothing to do with lil baby but like 1 min

  41. Elsa boueche

    Elsa boueche

    29 dager siden

    The pic that they show on first it makek me feel like there gay or some

  42. Neon Panda

    Neon Panda

    Måned siden

    Nooo Brian

  43. dee lo

    dee lo

    Måned siden

    Make more videos like this with JAYYYYYY

  44. Dana Smith

    Dana Smith

    Måned siden

    Yes, I would like to see JAYYYYYYYYYYY in more videos!

  45. methodfps


    Måned siden

    Brandon out here playing like prime Kobe

  46. Juan OG

    Juan OG

    Måned siden

    Definitely miss the vlogs in that court 💯💯

  47. Marco DeJesus

    Marco DeJesus

    Måned siden

    Bro I miss nour and Jess 😂

  48. Hassaan RS

    Hassaan RS

    Måned siden

    L rice but god damn hes a bucket

  49. Villa Wolf

    Villa Wolf

    Måned siden

    Ricegum & Brawadis best B-ball duo

  50. Hugo Corona

    Hugo Corona

    Måned siden

    He will be back within a few months

    • Hugo Corona

      Hugo Corona

      Måned siden

      Lol I was watching the video

  51. Jace Emanuel

    Jace Emanuel

    Måned siden

    I don't even drink or eat mustered!

  52. Jace Emanuel

    Jace Emanuel

    Måned siden

    I remember those old days



    Måned siden

    u said u were going to 1v1 lil baby lie my guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  54. I’m Sam

    I’m Sam

    Måned siden


  55. Team phoenix suns

    Team phoenix suns

    Måned siden

    You were playing wolf Ricegum

  56. Team phoenix suns

    Team phoenix suns

    Måned siden

    Hey you didn’t 1v1lil baby

  57. Ezcxmp_yt


    Måned siden

    I miss the gym

  58. Kyuran Rugunate

    Kyuran Rugunate

    Måned siden

    Rice is actually fire at basketball

  59. Adrianna Sturgeon

    Adrianna Sturgeon

    Måned siden

    Much respect for workin w my favorite artist rn!

  60. AfterFanatic


    Måned siden

    I wanna try the glizzy now

  61. Lee


    Måned siden

    Nooo😩, HEY U THIEF🤨

  62. Lisa


    Måned siden


  63. Lisa


    Måned siden

    1v1 ricegum

  64. Void Dark

    Void Dark

    Måned siden


  65. AE_tap


    Måned siden

    No way

  66. Chris Coyle

    Chris Coyle

    Måned siden

    That alley-oop was clean

  67. Thomas Juhl

    Thomas Juhl

    Måned siden

    Bruh I’m 11 and I’m size 11

  68. Khattab Dar1

    Khattab Dar1

    Måned siden

    Keep him

  69. Salvador Flores

    Salvador Flores

    Måned siden

    Ima dislike this vid I hate liars

  70. zoombadooga


    Måned siden

    Why the hell did he have to edit “pandemic”

  71. SavagefromtheRAQ


    Måned siden

    here for lil baby but wow why y’all making these boring talentless people famous lmfao

  72. KayTee704


    Måned siden

    Lil Baby a 36 Overall on 2K 😂😂

  73. 2tungata 2tungata

    2tungata 2tungata

    Måned siden


  74. The Underwood family

    The Underwood family

    Måned siden

    Tell Brian I sed hi and hi Brandon you r The best NOnetr ever

  75. Lion_on_gfuel


    Måned siden


  76. The Underwood family

    The Underwood family

    Måned siden

    Sneak into Brian's house. Stay there for 24 hour's

    • The Underwood family

      The Underwood family

      Måned siden


  77. Mariam Arafa

    Mariam Arafa

    Måned siden


  78. Mariam Arafa

    Mariam Arafa

    Måned siden

    I hate you

  79. the DFPX2 crew

    the DFPX2 crew

    Måned siden

    Follow DFPX2 on tiktok and go check out dfp ddog new song "dfp ddog going in"

  80. Dino king

    Dino king

    Måned siden

    I do not like mosterd

  81. squad


    Måned siden


  82. Calub


    Måned siden

    be fr lemme guess now you gon make a vid like why i have so much haters

  83. Calub


    Måned siden

    bro u gon loose suscribers

  84. Calub


    Måned siden

    stop clickbaiting

  85. Doulla Bill

    Doulla Bill

    Måned siden

    We love j

  86. broskinocapツ


    Måned siden


  87. Camilo Figueroa

    Camilo Figueroa

    Måned siden

    I love jayyyyyyy

  88. Micahnike N

    Micahnike N

    Måned siden

    I’m going to try that

  89. Ykhanis Yakhnis

    Ykhanis Yakhnis

    Måned siden

    We wont forget the turned Nikeswoosh drip sir🤝🏼

  90. Faze tamed

    Faze tamed

    Måned siden

    Dude the videos are boring with out Junior

  91. Luis Antonio

    Luis Antonio

    Måned siden

    14:45 factsss let us cook

  92. Da shooter

    Da shooter

    Måned siden

    Where’s lilbaby

  93. Jorden Borders

    Jorden Borders

    Måned siden

    JAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY has big feet? My uncle, dad, and God brother are all size 13, and I'm only 15, but I'm a size 12

  94. HaWkS21


    Måned siden

    Jesus loves u

  95. Chill Player 504

    Chill Player 504

    Måned siden

    The beginning part of the video was the best

  96. Derrick MucheriG3

    Derrick MucheriG3

    Måned siden level

  97. Hashim Ahmed

    Hashim Ahmed

    Måned siden

    Brawadis: it’s dbook and Chris Paul Faze rug: am I a joke to u

  98. Jacobyxh


    Måned siden

    Lmao wasn’t this video titled something about the dirty player and he changed it because he needed more views 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  99. Raymond Reyes

    Raymond Reyes

    Måned siden

    Busss.....fade away yuuupp they got this! Snap fad away again brawadis and the BIG W!!!!

  100. SpikeIsSoUnStraight


    Måned siden

    9:11 what the hell