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  1. Angel Sharma

    Angel Sharma

    19 timer siden


  2. Emma McGee

    Emma McGee

    19 timer siden

    I miss that house

  3. Garrett Humbert

    Garrett Humbert

    19 timer siden

    Imagine wearing a mask still 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Justin Boss

    Justin Boss

    19 timer siden

    Why deos jackie scream so much😂😂



    19 timer siden

    I loved that old house

  6. Gillon Elder

    Gillon Elder

    19 timer siden

    People that were og's

  7. Zooming


    19 timer siden

    Videos are starting to not be good anymore

  8. ED _AJ

    ED _AJ

    19 timer siden

    Oil prank on brian that stained the carpets

  9. Its Linney

    Its Linney

    19 timer siden

    It’s good seeing Dennis back in the videos

  10. KillerRaider 94

    KillerRaider 94

    19 timer siden

    Yes sirrrrrrr

  11. Metal Head

    Metal Head

    19 timer siden

    Brawadis thought there were going to be girls that are humans Brawadis: so guys jr hates thay car Jr: yah it's the whrrest Brawadis: but no serocly why aren't you driving it Jr: the Bremet!!!!!!!! Died I think that's what they said 😂

  12. Its Linney

    Its Linney

    19 timer siden

    All about content for us to watch

  13. Brian 火

    Brian 火

    19 timer siden

    That girl was to close tho..

  14. QualityNow


    19 timer siden

    10:58 ayooo WTH WAS THAT 😂🤣😂💀

  15. Yunus Elbouch

    Yunus Elbouch

    19 timer siden

    To bad

  16. Dania F

    Dania F

    19 timer siden

    Do exotic snack tasting lol

  17. IX Wrld

    IX Wrld

    19 timer siden


  18. Ben Schreiner

    Ben Schreiner

    19 timer siden

    Am I gay if I wouldn’t mind Brandon sleeping with me😅😂

  19. RealBoogie


    19 timer siden

    Been watching faze rug since he joined faze and Brandon since he hit 2k OGs where u at AZ bois where you at

  20. Polina Valen

    Polina Valen

    20 timer siden

    Since the old house !!!!!

  21. LRN REPLAYS._.


    20 timer siden

    Who remembers when he broke the TV over the suns

  22. Nwos


    20 timer siden


  23. Omar Playz

    Omar Playz

    20 timer siden


  24. Mighty Boy

    Mighty Boy

    20 timer siden

    Brawadis now posts a video. Reacting to me lying.

  25. Young Game

    Young Game

    20 timer siden

    Bro those videos in the old house were lit

  26. Gui Playz

    Gui Playz

    20 timer siden

    That house is history and where it all started

  27. Anzabou


    20 timer siden


  28. thebillsfan14


    20 timer siden

    I’ve been crying every 10 years when the leafs always lose in the playoffs in the nhl.

  29. Zein Helaly

    Zein Helaly

    20 timer siden


  30. Nevardo Mccalla

    Nevardo Mccalla

    20 timer siden


  31. Quantina Wilcox

    Quantina Wilcox

    20 timer siden

    Chick-fil-A chicken deluxe be slap

  32. Charlie Bradshaw

    Charlie Bradshaw

    20 timer siden

    I remember I remember

  33. Nevardo Mccalla

    Nevardo Mccalla

    20 timer siden

    Bro you need to listen some vybz Martel

  34. AcurryNava 30

    AcurryNava 30

    20 timer siden

    I been following you for 2 years already

  35. Charlie Bradshaw

    Charlie Bradshaw

    20 timer siden

    That taco bell clip made my day. Complainers will complain!

  36. Hussain's Collection

    Hussain's Collection

    20 timer siden

    Here’s some possible content: 1. Taking my dog 🐶 to the beach 2. Taking my parents to a 5 star restaurant 3. Camping out in a basketball court for 24 hours

  37. Gen


    20 timer siden

    Oooo dennis looks good damn

  38. Kemar Mcgregor

    Kemar Mcgregor

    20 timer siden

    My boy I’ve been there

  39. Rusty_Tai


    20 timer siden

    I remember

  40. thatdumbguyed


    21 time siden

    lol in 6:35 thats where Brian did the cocain prank



    21 time siden

    I think booker made a new firend today the stairs lol

  42. Jesse Rubio

    Jesse Rubio

    21 time siden

    There’s no clip of u going to hospital?

  43. Ksh Real

    Ksh Real

    21 time siden

    Eyy yoo I see you changed the title before it was my brother now it's my best friend

  44. DG el gamer

    DG el gamer

    21 time siden

    Bro that guy was a dumbass lol Saying pissing u off is my celebration

  45. AlexTheSupreme06


    21 time siden

    Who’s here from July 31, 2021??? Or is it just me

  46. Nikhil S

    Nikhil S

    21 time siden

    Miss the old house 💔

  47. Dylan Paquin

    Dylan Paquin

    21 time siden

    Og ofc

  48. StaticKiid


    21 time siden

    6.25 why was it slow mo when he said who remember’s ?

  49. SheHxtesTy


    21 time siden

    I've been watching for almost 4 years and I love all your videos

  50. Cute birdie

    Cute birdie

    21 time siden

    10:54 you’re hanging out with my ex . Ya YOUR EX lmao

  51. Miracle Sio

    Miracle Sio

    21 time siden

    Well see what brandons gonna upload next 🤔😂

  52. marcia rampersad

    marcia rampersad

    21 time siden

    Jackie called him babe

  53. OverratedGuard


    22 timer siden

    Man forgot he was famous

  54. Gabriel Boo

    Gabriel Boo

    22 timer siden

    Happy that mama & papa rug had fun ✌💚

  55. Dave Bruce

    Dave Bruce

    22 timer siden

    No kioty chawawa

  56. xxpro_111


    22 timer siden

    I cant it feels good forgets he is a human not a door with her worse enemy

  57. Gurdit Singh

    Gurdit Singh

    22 timer siden

    Brandon is a part of the Lakers because he has a shirt of the Lakers team 😂🤣

  58. ghvvstly


    22 timer siden


  59. Cute birdie

    Cute birdie

    22 timer siden

    My fav vid in the whole world

  60. The football girl 2021

    The football girl 2021

    22 timer siden

    Faze Rug all day FAZE UPP

  61. Nick Dadras

    Nick Dadras

    22 timer siden


  62. Joshy


    22 timer siden


  63. Chrissy Cashman

    Chrissy Cashman

    22 timer siden

    Brandon please see this ask Devin Booker to verse ricegum

  64. Zetho


    22 timer siden

    I have been following your for 7 years

  65. Anuar Mustafa

    Anuar Mustafa

    22 timer siden

    of course i remember im subscribed to everyone in your family

  66. Elizabeth Escobar

    Elizabeth Escobar

    22 timer siden

    omg i miss that house

  67. Ryan


    22 timer siden

    the fact that jay is driving now, it’s crazy! it felt like he was 10 yesterday

  68. Gavin Fuller

    Gavin Fuller

    22 timer siden

    go bucks

    • Played Pieces

      Played Pieces

      22 timer siden

      Yes sir



    23 timer siden

    That guy was messed up.dont stress

  70. Johny Vega

    Johny Vega

    23 timer siden

    Brandon 2020: @ Mcdonald's instead of getting an apple pie he gets a Julianna Vega pie 😆 haha dead 💀 lol

  71. Jesus A

    Jesus A

    23 timer siden

    Always clickbaiting

  72. Jaadin Sims

    Jaadin Sims

    23 timer siden

    In brawadis old videos his dog look healthy and booker in this video is obese that breed of dog is not supposed to look like that

  73. Nate 3

    Nate 3

    23 timer siden

    Brawadis videos lowkey starting to suck

  74. Donavan Forguson

    Donavan Forguson

    23 timer siden

    Any brawadis video will be a good video

  75. WorldOfWine


    23 timer siden

    Remember all thoe og videos man... all the way back to you pranking jackie and rug building the foam pit like OG OG vids before ur parents moved and of course i remmeber when u lived there alone dude great content at that house!!! Love u bro.... $washingtonbball if ur feeling generous lol! Love u bro

  76. YourHellaAnnoyed


    23 timer siden

    Poor people who actually thought this is real the ouji board don’t work

  77. Samantha Muniz

    Samantha Muniz

    23 timer siden

    I been watching you for so long before you and your brother bought your mom her house, all the spirit in that house, when you in Jacky had started. I love all you guys, you, your brother, your mom and dad & Jacky

  78. Leehooo Leehooo

    Leehooo Leehooo

    23 timer siden

    First video I watched was the video where u burnt the makeup at the old house I watched it after watching a rug video and he was filming what u was doing threw one of the camera watching the backyard